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The main difference between Perfecto® and other ice cream lies in the fact that from the very beginning the Gelsana project was born from the encounter between three complementary professional personalities, who later started up the firm Gelsana.

The action man was entrepreneur Mr. Daniele Frasca who was able to put together Stefano Ferrara’s outstanding professional history as ice cream maker and Dr. Flavio Di Gregorio, DM; the first was awarded with three cones by Gambero Rosso for his activity at the parlour “Stefano Ferrara Gelato Lab” producing ice cream from exclusively natural ingredients; the latter is expert in nutritional sciences and co-author of the project.


From such team, from the common passion for quality, Gelsana and Perfecto® concept were born, also thanks to the in-house built laboratory, promptly certifying nutritional value ​​and calorie amount of ice cream as this gets done.

The mission is difficult and fascinating at the same time: to change the world of ice cream, training the consumer not to be satisfied until he looks for the “perfecto” product.

The Gelsana board


Daniele Frasca

Head Director

Born in Rome 46 years ago Daniele Frasca graduated in Economics at Rome Sapienza University he completed his training earning a master’s degree in Communication and Marketing at LUISS Rome and a master’s degree in Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) , promoted by Lazio Region.
His professional career began with short but significant experiences in communication, sponsorship, communication&marketing consultancy; after that he spent two years in Confindustria dealing with marketing and communication in the tourism sector.
He has been in financial consultancy for 15 years.


Flavio Di Gregorio, MD

Scientific manager

From Arezzo where he was born (26/12/1959), he graduated in Medicine (1984), specializing in Radiology (1988) at the Catholic University of Rome. He has been working at Gemelli Polyclinic since 1988 qualifying as university researcher.
Since 2004 he has started a new medical path, following his greatest passion ever, which is nutritional science; his approach to this subject, does not consider the dietary regime as the starting point, but focuses on the food involved in it; a supporter of Mediterranean Diet guidelines, he has achieved in 2014-2016 the “Nutrifor” PhD in Nutrition.
As chief executive of FOOD AND DIET GOAL, in 2015 he patented a new way of promoting education to food in the form of events named “La Cucina Conoscitiva” (deposited at SIAE), supported by Chefs Luigi Ruben Gallo and Carla Teodori, with whom he performs in engaging cooking shows and trails of experience.