The list of ingredients is short, quite different from those lists which are normally found in ice cream parlours: the only texture thickener added is carob seed flour; no emulsifiers or preservatives are added at all- and no fats such as coconut fat; no extra sugar is added, apart from raw beetroot sugar- and in very small amount.

Perfecto®, with just one kind of sugar added, shortens the list of ingredients for the benefit of nutritional characteristics. 

Perfecto® is an artisanal, packaged ice cream, produced from the finest quality ingredients supplied by high standard quality leading companies.

In milk-based flavours, the added carbohydrate amount is just 10% of the total, added to milk sugars.

Perfecto® is an ice cream rich in proteins and with few added fats, ideal for athletes and for those with a healthy and careful diet.


Perfecto® has a low on calorie amount. No sin of gluttony, therefore, but only pleasure and taste without regrets.

Perfecto® is a gluten-free, egg-free and soy-free ice cream. Healthy and digestible.

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Perfecto® was born primarily from the endeavour and commitment to create a low-calorie and rich of proteins, gluten-free ice cream, keeping as well the highest standards of taste, smooth enough to spread as well as keeping all the traditional ice cream features.

In addition to taste, it favors macronutrients and functional antioxidant molecules, to delight the sense of taste and at the same time to support the dietary needs of both people in health as well as those following specific diets, such as as chronic patients suffering from obesity, dysmetabolic, cardio-vascular , neurological, degenerative and oncological illnesses.

Adding only one kind of sugar from raw beet produced by an organic Italian supplier, the list of ingredients is shorter, to the benefit of nutritional characteristics.

The list of ingredients is in fact short, very different from the ones we find in ice cream parlours; only one thickener is added which is carob seed flour; no emulsifiers or preservatives are added nor fats, such as coconut fats and, as mentioned, no other types of sugar are added.

The short ingredient list allows the customer to understand the high quality of each one of the carefully selected ingredients.

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